The folding grilles for windows and doors manufactured in all dimensions desired height and width. It is completely assembled with rivets and bolts (no welds) consistently have higher resistance to corrosion.
  Available in galvanized or painted colors.
  The frame, the driver, the sill, the mullion, the latch lock and vertical bars made of hot dip galvanized steel sheet pachous1, 5 mm.
  The cross bars are made of hot-dip galvanized rods 5 and 3 holes thickness 2.5 or 4 pertsinomena in vertical rails (m 15x15) by interpolation nylon spacers in rows (usually two or three) depending on the desired strength of the structure. Used for doors rods 5 holes length 510 mm and rods for windows 5 holes length 400 mm (at each end, two 3-hole rods of appropriate length).
  The suspension of the driver is up trolleys with nylon or galvanized steel sheet formed, each of which has two rollers with nylon. Trolleys placed every three bars each and placed in intermediate guide brackets.
  The nylon lining of rollers and nylon spacers in the joints of cross rails quiet operation makes the folding door.
  The outermost vertical bars based on the frame and mullion with flat head screws M6 and clamp 3mm thick bearing corresponding thread.
  The lock is flush with visible mullion in one side of the mill, providing greater security because it can be crowded in attempt to violate the lock. The lock pushing in opposite directions two bolts recessed mullion in the folding, with integrated hooks in the closed position slides in a corresponding hole at the antikristo rebate of the frame. The pair of opposed mullion provides greater security, there is no visible gap between them, thereby ensuring the latches.
  In formula collapsible split the sill with a suitable hinge may be folded over the collapsed door open by rotating 180 ° around releasing the door opening and the passage from the floor without hindrance. The upper guide is divided into two parts, one of which has a length appropriate to accept the door compact and connected in the opening frame with additional payments. In the closed position the two parts of the guide line with special adjustable latch.


1. 4 mm thick blade.

2. Intermediate Teflon for quiet operation.

3. Folding mechanism 180 degrees.

4. Mortice lock for greater security.

5. Galvanized construction entirely without stuck.

6. In many RAL colors.

7. Removable terminal driver.

8. Binah is constructed in such a way that makes it impossible to breach the lock from the side (the lock is flush with visible mullion in one side of the mill, providing
greater security because they can not be done in extrusion attempted violation of the lock).



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