Two, four, or fourteen locking points are sufficient to characterize a door "armored security door? 'A secure lock with multiple locking points are important for the security of a door, but not enough to qualify as" armored security. "The armored security doors recognized by several
characteristics and the degree of security provided varies depending on the quality of construction.

  The minimum requirements a door must have in order to qualify as "armored security door" and distinguish it from a simple door are:

1. The steel frame.
2. The steel sheet, which then may be coated externally with various materials.
3. The fixed plunger on the perimeter of the sheet.
4. The moving plunger in the perimeter of the sheet, which are secured by locking the door.
5. The safety lock.

When selecting an armored security door it is important to check the technical specifications and made available certifications for Class shielding, mechanical characteristics, additional properties etc. The doors have a written warranty and technical support, ensuring the choice as to the credibility of the company and the proper operation of the door.
In any event, the security offered by an armored security door depends on proper and thorough use. So always lock your door, security block does not replace the
lock of the door, don't leave your keys on the door, even if it is locked, and generally consistently follow safety rules.







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